By Paul Shalala:Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela has assured artists on the Copperbelt that President Edgar Lungu has their support and wants the creative sector to be the second revenue earner after mining.Speaking after he held a closed-door meeting with dozens of artists from seven of the 10 districts on the Copperbelt, Mr. Chitotela disclosed that President Lungu will be hosting the Presidential Choral Festival in September to support artists.The Minister said the festival will accord artists an opportunity to showcase their skills as well as earn some income.Mr. Chitotela also said President Lungu is soon expected to announce a relief package which will help artists recover from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic which has seen major events cancelled.And speaking on behalf of Copperbelt artists, comedian Bob Nkosha thanked the President for promising to support artists.Mr. Nkosha, of the Dorika fame, said artists have suffered greatly from the effects of the Coronavirus as they cannot perform at functions or hold festivals. Post Views: 4
News Source: ZNBC

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