Are you fighting depression? Travelling could be your remedy

pasted image 0 (5)You have persistently been feeling sad, unhappy, anxious and easily irritated for so long that you can barely remember the last time you were truly happy. Your loved ones have mentioned it once or severally but you are in denial; perhaps you also know and acknowledge that your spells are not just any other kind but depression has slowly and surely dug deep inside your system.

While some cases have been treated as trifling and the victims left unattended to, depression is a genuine psychological condition that if not treated in its early stages could be detrimental. For some reason, not even the prescribed antidepressants tend to calm you down. Denial, stigma and the thought that all it takes is composure may leave you severely affected. Good news is, with the presence, love, care and understanding of those close to you plus proper medication, depression could be a thing of the past. Besides, did you know that travelling is also a top notch recommendation towards your recovery from depression?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Lao Tzu would not have said it any better. Your first step is to leave the comfort of your home, pack up your carry-on and get moving. You might be feeling groggy but setting your mind to travel will give a buoyed sense of determination and focus that will distract your attention from whatever it is that is largely contributing to your depression. Sometimes, we just need to look away from our own mirror; one that has mirrored our reflection for decades. We just need to seek a different kind of reflection and travel is just the best way to discover our other self that has been hidden in our daily routine.

By travelling, you give yourself up to the universe and allow nature to take its course. This builds your trust enormously, which goes a long way in strengthening confidence in yourself. Photographing memorable moments and destinations, to jotting down the most mind blowing and /or shocking experiences from your travel are all proven ways in which people have testified to have contributed to their recovery. Choose your own unique approach to your trip and make the best of it. You too will have a testimony to give.

pasted image 0 (6)I have heard, read, wrote about and even experienced the fact that food is what most of us run for when we have even the slightest feeling of stress. If it makes you feel elevated, go for it. Travel and experience the different cuisines the world has to offer. As you satisfy your taste buds, you will also ascertain Virginia Woolf’s words that one cannot think well, love well; sleep well, if one has not dined well.

I am thinking, that maybe you have been working for the longest time without any rest. You wake up every morning and all that hits your mind is how you will improve your business. All these are, in my opinion, great ways of making your life better; but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you thought this proverb was only meant for you at ten, it’s time to reconsider that your body, mind and whole being may be just too exhausted and causing your depression. Taking time off work and travelling for a vacation will lower your stress levels as you reconnect with your lost self. Make sure not to carry along any work related material and completely free yourself from burnout. Relaxing will make you rejuvenated and more productive when you return. Consider it a recharge session.

Interacting with different people from all walks of life during your travel is inspiring. The world holds such untold stories that only first-hand experience can unravel. Meet and make new friends, listen to their life stories; you might just discover that your challenges are just a fraction of what others are going through, yet they laugh through it and embrace life with all vigor. Trying out on adventures that you have never tried before such as bungee-jumping, rafting or mountain climbing; will also re-energize you and give you the courage to brace the difficulties that are bumming you into depression.

Life is a one-time chance to be happy. While the worries of the world sometimes weigh down on our weak shoulders making it unbearable to handle, to the extent of falling to depression; it is also our duty to keep strong to enjoy the gift of life. Travel is a proven way that we all can use to keep focused on the beauty of the world by keeping off those depressing factors preying on us. As you embark on this journey to a depression-free life, I hope that soon you will once more sing and dance to the happy song.

Credit: Josephine Wawira, Jovago

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