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Are we creating cracks in our own strengths?

THE last ten years have seen the urban face of Zambia change at a phenomenal rate. Visions laid down by our leaders, executed and supported by investors, built on visions and materials from afar.And yet, in doing so, we sterilize our towns and cities, with more and more buildings looking identical, following formulaic approaches conceived outside of Zambia, indeed outside of Africa. From the humble pocket of cement to the elaborate vision of an architect, we are increasingly abandoning local skills, knowledge and products in favour of alternatives from beyond our borders – not just beyond our borders, but beyond our continent.Soon, the cracks begin to appear – not just in the buildings themselves, but in the skills in our construction industry. The home grown nurtured abilities and products start to fall by the wayside.Every homebuilder has a choice to make today. To choose between developing our nation’s skills and products, or giving way to the trappings and allure of false economies. If you’re building now, all we ask is that you think about your purchase and contracting choices.Let’s do this. Let’s build Zambia, for Zambians, by Zambians. Post Views: 713

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