Appeals Committee refers Young Green Eagles case to Disciplinary Committee…Indeni temporarily relegated

The Appeals Committee of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has ruled that the players Status Committee has no jurisdiction over the young Green Eagles’ use of an ineligible player and hence referred the matter to the Disciplinary Committee.

According to a statement by FAZ Communications manager, Sydney Mungala availed to the ZamFoot Crew FAZ has submitted the case to the Disciplinary Committee as recommended by the Appeals Committee.

“The Appeals Committee of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has referred the matter involving Young Green Eagles and Nkana to the Disciplinary Committee.

In a ruling on the appeal lodged by Young Green Eagles challenging the decision by the FAZ Player Status Committee to award points to Nkana over the alleged use of an ineligible player by the Kafue based side, the Appeals Committee ruled that only the Disciplinary Committee had the jurisdiction to effect the prescribed sanctions.”

The Player Status and Transfer Committee does not have jurisdiction to issue the sanctions contained in the ruling which led to the forfeiture of points. The Appeals Committee has therefore recommended tabling your case before the relevant judicial body to impose the appropriate action- reads a ruling signed by vice-chairperson Isaac Nonde who adjudicated on the matter with Aongola Kambwa and Buchisa Mwalongo.

“In view of the recommendation above, the Association is immediately submitting your case to the Disciplinary Committee and will inform you (Young Green Eagles) on the outcome of their sitting.”

This means that the Decision Of the Player Status Committee To Award Nkana 3 Points has been annulled and Indeni is temporarily relegated pending the outcome of the FAZ Disciplinary Committee.

The player Status committee on June 27th overturned the week 32 encounter between Young Green Eagles and Nkana giving the 2029/2020 Super League champions three points.

Nkana protested Young Green Eagles’ alleged use of an ineligible player (Philip Phiri) who was serving a Red Card suspension. Young Green Eagles won the match 3-2 at Khosa Stadium.

Before the match, the FAZ secretariat had waived the suspension and instead fined Young Green Eagles K5,000.00 which the club paid.

Young Green Eagles had their eligible goalkeepers injured while another (Gregory Sanjase) was on national duty with the Chipolopolo. Young Green Eagles requested a waiver and were granted to field the suspended player who sat on the bench during the fixture.

However, the Player Status Committee Chaired by Lusaka Lawyer and former FAZ Executive Committee member Lombe Mbalashi and deputized by FAZ Copperbelt Chairman and Executive Committee member Patrick Ndhlovu overturned the decision.

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