THE Alliance for Community Action, run by Ms Laura Miti, has been castigated for alleging that Patriotic Front Media Director Sunday Chanda’s comment on Presidential aide Dr Simon Miti’s involvement in the Ministry of Health theft case amounts to contempt, says New Congress Party (NRP) President Peter Chanda.
Mr Chanda said it was total misconception to liken Chikondi Foundation president, Bishop John Mambo’s contempt of court charge to Mr Chanda’s reaction.
He said there was totally no similarity between the two cases and it was unreasonable and complete malice to claim that Bishop Mambo’s case should be serve as a precedence over Mr Chanda’s sentiments.
He said some NGOs were sponsored by some organisations that were bent on discrediting government.
“Some of these organisations just make statements to please their pay masters and there is no substance in the allegations they make, how on earth can you compare the two situations. It is unreasonable,” Mr Chanda said.
He said it was however puzzling that a magistrate had called for the arrest of Dr Miti disregarding the fact that it was not his role to do so.
Mr Chanda said it was the duty of other wings of government to arrest and call for an arrest of a citizen.
He said it was odd that the magistrate had called for Dr Miti to be prosecuted when in fact he was State witness in the Kapoko case..
But Mr Chanda said Dr Miti was currently not in court for any charge and the matter that the NGO was referring to had already been disposed of in the court of law.

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