“Accountability in Action:

… ActionAid Zambia urges for clarity on recovered Assets

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (22-05-2024) – ActionAid Zambia (AAZ) is urging the government to provide a comprehensive update on the amounts recovered from corruption and to establish a clear plan for managing these recovered assets. This call comes amid growing public interest in the fate of properties and funds seized from individuals involved in corrupt activities.

Jovina Nawenzake, Interim Country Director of ActionAid Zambia, told Zambia24 that her organization is committed to closely monitoring the measures outlined in the Policy Implementation Plan (2024-2028) to ensure transparent and prudent management of recovered assets.

“This is a crucial step towards achieving a corruption-free Zambia where public resources are utilized for the greater good of all citizens,” she stated.

Nawenzake noted that various security and investigative agencies have confiscated numerous properties linked to criminal proceeds in recent years.

While sporadic media reports have highlighted some of these recoveries, she pointed out that the public lacks a consolidated report detailing the total value of these assets.

She stressed that it is essential for the government to compile and disseminate a detailed report on recovery efforts, a task that, although complex, is feasible given the government’s access to skilled professionals such as property valuators.

A well-structured asset recovery management plan is crucial, Nawenzake emphasized, to ensure that recovered assets are managed efficiently and that the benefits are returned to the communities from which these assets were illicitly taken.

She added that careful and accountable management of recovered resources is vital for restoring public trust and ensuring justice.

According to Nawenzake, the Anti-Corruption Policy presents a pivotal opportunity to strengthen the legal framework governing asset recovery and mitigate existing risks.

She highlighted the need to prioritize the establishment of a central repository for recovered assets and clear guidelines for their management and disposal.

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