Bwezani Mbewe | June 12, 2019

The Spencer Sautu conundrum could change Green Eagles forever.

Aggrey Chiyangi’s star man declared the end time games for this season as crucial and big for Green Eagles. He also said the team’s fortunes have changed over the years from being a relegation fighting team to being a serious competitor. Spencer was speaking on one of the episodes of Bola Yapa Zed Sports show on Supersport.

The word from the Green Eagles camp is that the players aren’t expecting to be told the ABSA CUP is big but they themselves are aware of what is expected of them, but the reason for that naturally goes so much further than maintaining an energy or a tactical surprise for the biggest game in the club’s history. Remember its the first time Eagles will be playing the semi-finals after losing to Green Buffaloes in the quarterfinals last time out.

While everyone will have to wait for the coaches to announce their squad to face ZANACO, there are players that seem to hold the first time call. Spencer is one such player. Eagle’s best player and the biggest name actually are always believed to be in the team and this could be one of a fixture an entire career for Green Eagles has been building towards, let alone a season.

Spencer Sautu, of course, declared himself ready in many interviews, stating that “if the final was tomorrow, we would be ready to play and everyone in the team is ready”.

He has repeated that with full belief in every interview, that’s the reason this player is important for Eagles and he would want a reaction after missing out on the National Team call out.

That’s Spencer Sautu, undoubtedly one of the best on his good day at the office, It’s good for Eagles too, though, there’s the multi-faceted mental effect of starting him. It will send a ripple around the stadium. It will get a reaction from Numba Mumamba and ZANACO. It will give the Eagles players a boost.

And what of the potential mental effect on Spencer himself? Everyone at Eagles would say the same about Spencer, maybe even more effusively. If anyone can rise above his physical level to produce a performance for a game like this, he can. It is just one other reason why it is inconceivable that a player of his status misses a game of this status. They are always at home when he is fit.

That in itself points to the tactical element of this dilemma, all the more so because Aggrey Chiyangi will almost certainly come up with something different to try and tilt the game in Eagle’s favor. Could the Spencer decision actually serve this? Could it offer a surprise beyond just starting him and worse off, on which position? Could it give something Numba can’t second-guess?

This one big decision does ultimately come down to one major factor. Spencer is one key and influential player for this team.

Look out for this big one….. Green Eagles Vs ZANACO


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