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4 handball clubs participate in Under-15 Samsung Handball League

handball2Fourteen (14) handball teams took part in the under-15 Samsung Handball league which was hosted at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) on the 21st May, 2016. Five teams were for girls and nine for boys.

Lusaka Tigers, Meanwood, Debros, St Pauls, Burma, K.Stars, Northmed Community, Kamwala, Lilanda, Chawama and Kamwala Stars were among the clubs that competed in the Samsung Handball Youth Sport Challenge.

Earlier, before the start of games, Debros coach Peter Mweemba, predicted a tough competition as the boys and girls teams braced to play each other. He named Lusaka Tigers as the favorites to whom his boys’ team lost 4-1 in the opening match.

He described the performance of his boys following the 4-1 loss as below average stating that ball handling will be his main focus when the boys regroup for training.

Debros Handball team are the 2015 defending champions of the Samsung Handball Youth Sport Challenge in the under-15 boy’s league.

The Saturday handball competition at the OYDC marked the second league tournament games in the Samsung Youth Sport Challenge.

Meanwhile, Samsung Handball Coordinator Likemore Mahunje, disclosed that Northmead Community in the boy’s category is currently on top of the log standings.

Northmead Community played and lost 3-2 to Lilanda. In another game, the team played Lusaka Tigers and won 4-1. In additional, Mahunje said Lusaka Tigers is in second position.

He described the weekend games as impressive adding that clubs turned out in numbers to compete.

He disclosed that the next games will be held next month when the league enters the third week.

Below are the collated results;



Debros 1 Vs Lusaka Tigers 4

Lilanda 3 Vs Northmed Community 2

K-Stars 1 Vs Kamwala Stars 1

Northmed Community 4 Vs Lusaka Tigers 1

Chawama 1 Vs K- Stars 1

Lilanda 2 Vs Debros 0

Meanwood 1 Vs Kamwala 4


Northmead Community 0 Vs Kamwala 7

K-Stars 1 Vs St Patricks 1

Kamwala Stars 5 Vs St Patricks 1

Northmead Community 1 Vs Kamwala Stars 2

Chawama 3 Vs Lilanda 0

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