2021 Poll: UPND Vindicated

Chizonde says in terms of a political party, the UPND candidates spent about K2.9 million on average compared to K2.3 million spent by PF candidates during the 2021 general elections.

By Francis Nv Maingaila

Lusaka (28-03-2023-Zambia24) – Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) research found that the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) candidates spent more money during the 2021 elections compared to their opposition Patriotic Front (PF when it served as a government.
Bright Chizonde said during the validation exercise of the cost of politics study report at Mika Hotel in Lusaka that the UPND spent a total of K2.9 million compared to the PF which used K2.3 million.

In terms of a political party, Chizonde noted, the UPND candidates spent about K2.9 million on average as compared to K2.3 million spent by PF candidates during the 2021 general elections.
This finding is suggestive of discriminatory spending during the 2021 general elections. It is therefore imperative to regulate election spending to level the playing field for all candidates.
He observed that the major sources of political funding for all candidates in the previous elections won by the opposition UPND were the businesses, salaries, and savings, including political party donations.
Chizonde estimated the cost of winning an election for an MP at K2.6 with high spending being during the pre-adoption, followed by the post-election and the campaign period.
He also revealed that the expenditure for men was high during the pre-adoption period compared to their female counterparts in the same elections.
“This cost of politics study has established that the average estimated cost of winning the 2021 elections, as a member of parliament, was K2.64 million.”
He said spending was highest during pre-adoption at K984,044 and followed by post-election 827,370 and the campaign period (K691,643).
However, Chizpnde observed, after taking into account the duration of each stage, the campaign period was by far the most expensive and was followed by the adoption and nomination period.
“It was also found that female candidates spent significantly less as compared to male candidates and that candidates with a disability spent significantly more than other candidates.”
He said the gender premium for winning an election was estimated at K919,851 while the disability premium was estimated at K581,309.
Further, Chizonde explained, the study indicates that young candidates aged less than 35, candidates with business backgrounds, and those with monthly incomes above K200,000 spent more than other respective candidates.
Similarly, candidates from rural constituencies spend significantly more as compared to the PF candidates in the previous elections.

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