Chieftaness Shimukunami of Lufwanyama district has dissolved a marriage involving a 14-year-old girl.
The Chieftainess has further punished parents from both sides and ordered them to do community work for one week.
ZANIS reports that the traditional ruler has since directed the said parents to take the girl back to school.
The girl was in grade five.
She said she will also engage other stakeholders to ensure the girl finishes school without any disturbances.
The Chieftainess warned the man who married the girl not to be seen anywhere near her or else he will risk facing the full wrath the law.
Chieftainess Shimukunami said the 22-year-old man will also do community work for more days than his parents.
She said the involved parties were summoned to the palace after some concerned community members reported the matter to the Chieftainess.
Meanwhile parents from both sides disclosed that the girl was married off for two thousand five hundred kwacha and that a down payment of one thousand five hundred Kwacha was settled.

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