SGs reach consensus on dialogue process

ZCID Spokesperson, Jackson Silavwe

ZCID Spokesperson, Jackson Silavwe

Secretary Generals from all political parties in the country have agreed that the Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) will only facilitate the dialogue process while the church mother bodies will chair all the processes.

The Secretary Generals have also agreed that the Chairperson who will be elected from Church mother bodies should also preside over the forthcoming Summit of Presidents.

ZCID Spokesperson, Jackson Silavwe has told QTV News via telephone from Siavonga District where Secretary Generals have been meeting for the past two days that the political parties have further agreed on the agenda for the Summit of Presidents.

Mr. Silavwe says the political parties have also agreed on thematic areas to be considered at the summit of presidents in terms of constitutional and institutional reforms.

He says they have further agreed on electoral reforms as this is also one of the major causes of conflict.

Mr. Silavwe states that another area of agreement is the separation of powers of the executive, judiciary and the legislature.

The ZCID Spokesperson has since described the conference of Secretary Generals as a triumph.



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