Musukwa Labels NDC Members as Prodigal Sons

Chiliabombwe Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Richard Musukwa has challenged the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) leadership to disband the party and re-join the Patriotic Front.

Speaking when he handed over 200 bicycles to structures in Chilabombwe for Party mobilisation activities, Musukwa said all members of NDC are prodigal sons of the Patriotic Front.

He wondered why members in the NDC have continued to give themselves confidence when they know the party has no direction.

Musukwa alleged that the leadership in NDC is using bitterness against President Edgar Lungu and that was not helping them win more members from other political parties.

He dismissed the NDC leadership as only being motivated by their anti-Edgar Lungu sentiments.

Musukwa further added that doors are still open to those willing to join the ruling Patriotic Front and be part of the on-going developmental agenda.

Meanwhile, 8 members of the UPND security team defected to join the Patriotic Front and stated that the opposition political party had nothing to offer Zambians.

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