15-Year Old Kasempa Boy Nabbed for Defilement

A 15-year old boy of Kasempa District in North Western Province has been arrested for defiling a 14 year old Juvenile in the same district.

Kasempa Police Officer In charge Haninda Kabotu said in an interview that the 15 year old boy of Kaminzekezeke area was arrested after the mother of the 14 year old girl juvenile reported the matter to police.

Kabotu stated that is was discovered the 14 year old girl of Kikonkokomena area was defiled on unknown dates and is three months Pregnant.

“Yes I can confirm that we have a defilement case in which a 15 year old boy has already been arrested for defiling another juvenile of 14 years in Kikonkomene area, the matter was reported by mother to the 14 year old girl,” he stated.

Kabotu said police have arrested the 15 year old juvenile due to extent damage caused to the 14 year old Juvenile.

“As police we would have just counselled them but obviously you can see the extent of damage, the girl is already three months pregnant, so the boy is in police custody and will appear in Court soon,” Kabotu said.

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