“Calls to dismiss FIC DG displaced”-Tayali

Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali

Economic and equity party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali says calls for the dismissal of financial intelligence centre (FIC) director general Mary Tshuma are misplaced.

Mr. Tayali says the ruling PF, which is calling her dismissal and disbandment of the FIC board, should realize that it is within the mandate of the FIC to publish reports of its investigations.

He tells q-news that the ruling PF should know that similar institutions exist in other countries and equally release reports of their findings to the public.

Mr. Tayali says there is therefore nothing new about the FIC releasing a report in which it has made revelations about corruption, tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

He states that by condemning ms. Tshuma and calling for her dismissal, the pf is in fact defending corruption, tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

Mr. Tayali says if this is the case, Zambians should open their eyes and show their displeasure in the coming subsequent elections.

He says the ruling pf should not be allowed to win any election if it is a political party that thrives on corruption and defends tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

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