NDC suffers another great loss

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (06-05-18) The National Democratic Conference (NDC) candidate for Chilanga has resigned to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) 48 hours after he failed to file his nomination papers to contest the Chilanga vacant seat.
Webster Katongo told journalists at media briefing at Washim Lodge and Apartments in Lusaka that the decision to leave NDC to join PF is out of his own conviction that the PF was on course on the developmental agenda.
According to Katongo, the NDC adopted him on merit to contest the Chilanga seat but refused to file his nomination because that would have been in conflict with his belief in the developmental agenda being undertaken by the PF in Chilanga.
“With that thought in mind, I have remained with no other option but to immediately resign from NDC to join the PF.”
Katongo is happy to join the team that have brought development not only in Chilanga but across the country and has vowed to use his expertise to supplement the development taking place in Chilanga under the stewardship of president Lungu.
On the other hand, Katongo has denied ever being forced to ditch his NDC to join the ruling PF.
“Contrary to social media reports suggesting that I was forced to join PF, my decision to join PF is out of my own accord and I want to contribute towards the developmental agenda.”
He also denied ever being in NDC as a plant to spy for PF.
He further denied ever being related to former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.
“The insinuations that Hon. Chikwanda is my relatives are not true. I am not in any way related to him.”
In welcoming Katongo, PF Members of Central Committee, Geoffrey Chuumbwe told journalists that, the PF is delighted to have Katongo back.
According to Chuumbwe, Katongo is free to rejoining the ruling party because that is his home after all.
“The decision Katongo has made to join PF is the right one and without hesitation the PF has with immediate effect coped him into the campaign team for PF in Chilanga.”
Meanwhile Katongo has disclosed that unknown people last night went to his home not only to attack him but had the tires of his van deflated.
“I want to confirm that last night, I was visited by thugs who deflated tires from my vehicle but the attackers run away when the police came in.”
Katongo was however quick to clarify that, he is not able to identify the attackers because he was in the house when the vandals went to attack him at his home.
And Katongo vowed to rally behind the PF candidate Maria Langa saying she was the only credible candidate for Chilanga.
“As a resident of Chilanga, I will use my influence to campaign for Ms Langa until the PF snatch the vacant Chilanga seat from the UPND.”

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