State committed to job creation

(1-05-18) The Zambian government has committed itself to the implementation of not only conditions and policies favorable to job creation but also strategic programs all aimed creating a peaceful and highly productive labor market whose ultimate objective is to boast the national economy.
Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela told workers during the 2018 labour cerebration in Mansa that achieving National Development can be done through a collaborative efforts from tripartite partners, including the labour movement, the private sector and workers themselves.
According to Hon. Chitotela the tripartite partners not only devise policies but also formulate laws and advises government on labour matters, manpower development and utilisation of labour related matters.
“The results of a good collaborative partnership in the labour matter is always translated into high compliance and sense of ownership in the national development agenda.”
He suggested that  there is no government in the entire universe that has ever succeeded in creating jobs for it’s citizens alone and without the contribution of the private sector.
“The meaningful job creation is a product of collaborative effort from all key players in the labour market.”
He indicated that a strong and meaningful partnership among key players in the labour has the potential not only to attract investment but also has the capacity to propel the much required growth in the economy, the situation he believe will result in the creation of jobs that will benefit the people.
Further Hon Chitotela explained, the government is making efforts in ensuring that employment plans put in place is actualised.
The government has also called not only for job creation but also companies to deal responsibly with the environment and offer humane working conditions and fair wages, including equal opportunities to both men and women.
Furthermore, Hon Chitotela said the government will also make Zambia a middle income country by 2030 through the development of  a decent work country program that will supplement other  existing efforts aimed at employment creation and decent work.”
He added that the government working with key stakeholders is determined not only to provide a decent job but also to provide social protection to the workers.
The government has also promised to develop an all inclusive work presented by its tripartite constituencies.
This all inclusive approach will need to encompass stakeholders in both rural and urban settings so as to bridge social and economic inequalities as provided in the seventh national development plan.
“The government is shifting towards skilled based training for young people as a way of making them self – reliance.”
He added that some of the intervention that the government has put in place is value chain development program aimed at supporting young people to add value to product through industrialisation.

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