Lunte lawmaker proud to be PF

By Francis Maingaila
(29-04-18) – Lunte Members of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya is not ashamed not only to belong to ruling Patriotic Front (PF) but also to talk about the successes recorded by his government.
Kafwaya told journalists during the PF Interactive Forum held at Chrisma Hotel in Lusaka that the government under president Edgar Lungu has recorded great successes as promised during the election campaigns.
Kafwaya explained that the government under president Lungu is on the right direction and is on a mission to diversify the economy to the benefit all the people.
According to Kafwaya, the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) is very categorical when it come to an inclusive developmental agenda.
“President Lungu is alive to this fact and has vowed never to leave anyone behind in his national development agenda.”
He explained that since Lungu became president in 2015, he has been preaching about inclusive development for the purpose of not leaving anybody behind.
“It is for this reasons that the PF is considered to be a working government and indeed, it will not leave anyone behind.”
Kafwaya also ticked off the opposition after accusing them of having destructive agenda.
He said instead of doing their traditional role of providing the checks and balances to the government of the day, the opposition have embark on twisting facts to mislead the people of Zambia.
“The opposition in Zambia today spend most of their time criticising state to the disadvantage of the people  of Zambia.”
He said the PF has the mandate to develop the country and will not be swayed by the destructive agendas designed at forcing it to abandon its mandate of taking development to the people.
“So far, the PF has full filled 75% of the promises made in the two manifestoes and are being actualised.”
He suggested that the PF has a cadre of qualified MPs that have represented their electorates well in their areas and their electorates are not lacking in anyway.
Speaking for his constituency Kafwaya noted that president Lungu promised the people that he will make Lunte a district.
“True to his word, after winning the 2016 election, president Lungu declared Lunte a District.”
He explained that, the movement he got elected MP, he lobbied the president to declare Lunte a district and that was made.
“So far, president Lungu has succeeded in making fulfilling his promises and one the promises he made to the people of Lunte is to transform the constituency into a District.”
Besides giving the people of Lunte a district, Kafwaya explained, the government has approved the construction of five feeder roads in Lunte to ease the communication of the people in the constituency.
“Several other community schools have been upgraded to primary schools saying the schools that were supported by the community will now benefit directly from the Ministry of Education.”
He also revealed that some primary schools in his constituency has been upgraded to day secondary schools and facilities have been given the schools to benefiting the community.
He however regretted that the opposition are working hard to frustrate the work of the government to look bad in the public eye.
“So far, we are doing as a government but our work is being derailed by the opposition who frequently misleading the country on issues that does not exist.”
Unfortunately, he said this will not work because the people of Zambia have gotten used to the good work the government is doing across the country.
Meanwhile PF Media Director, Sunday Chanda castigated the opposition UPND for threatening to block the refinement of the constitution amendment yet to be taken to Parliament by justice minister Given Lubinda.
Speaking at the same function Chanda regretted that the opposition UPND have on sever occasions attempted in vain to derail the government efforts of making the life better for the people of Zambia.
He said prior to 2016 the opposition UPND with the help of some Civil Society Organisation worked had to block the referendum where the expanded bill of rights was to be enacted into law.
‘With the collapse of the referendum, thanks to the UPND, the people of Zambia lost a progressive law which could have benefitted them greatly.”
He added that, now the UPND are at it against plotting to foil the refinement of the constitution which was called to remove ambiguities in it.
He said all these antiques by the UPND ate aimed at diverting the people from the real issue are hand after failing to dislodge president Lungu using president petition, impeachment and now now the infamous claims that he is not a Zambian.
He said the campaign waged by the UPND against president Lungu will work because the people of Zambia will not believe them.
And a Member of Central Committee Kebby Mbewe urged the people of Zambia not to listen to lies told them about president Lungu by members of the opposition.
He also accused the opposition of causing the division in the country on regional and tribal lines.
He said the PF mean well for the people of Zambia and will continue to work for their good.
“My advice to the people of Zambian is that let them not to listen to lies being championed by the opposition to sway them seeing the good work the government is doing for them.”
He said the people of Zambia will believe the lies from their opposition at their own peril.

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