Mmembe challenged over gay right

(17-04-18) Evangelical Youth Alliance president Moses Lungu has challenged 2021 presidential candidate for Socialist Party, one Fred Mmembe to clear the air on suggestions by Rainbow Party Secretary General Winter Kabimba that he has a soft sport on gayism.
Rev. Lungu told journalists at a media conference held at Chrisma Hotel on Tuesday that Zambia outlawed gayism in the constitution and wondered why some people still insist on supporting it.
Rev. Lungu claimed that the statement by Kabimba that Mmembe has an soft sport of the same sex orientation has remained unchallenged.
“The only person who can answer these questions brought up by Kabimba is Mmembe and it only proper that, Mmembe clears the air. ”
He added that for as long as the allegations remain unchallenged, the people of Zambia will believe that, the allegations are made against Mmembe are true as stated by his former associate one Kabimba.
He suggested that if it is true Mmembe support gay right and in an event Mmembe is elected president, he will allow the issue same sex marriage to enshrined in the constitution and this will contradict the declaration of Zambia a Christian.
He also claimed that he is aware that in the coming days, lots of money will be given out to unsuspecting youths to the support the guy right campaign.
He suggested that the vulnerable youthful especially those who lack of jobs can easily be fooled to support the crusade.
He warned the youths to be warry of the guy right being tolerated in Zambia saying such campaign has no blessing of the constitution.
Rev Lungu also lashed out on church mother bodies for not taking a strong stance against gay campaigns in Zambia.
“As a Christian nation, Zambia does not recognise the same sex marriages and wondered why the the church mother bodies have not condemned the act which he believe is being supported by some section of Zambian Society.
He accused the church of delection of duty when it choose to involve itself in political activities leaving the matter involving defending morality in Christian nation unattended.
He said the church should be in forefront to inculcate the morals which he said was on a fast lane to decay.
“The fact that the evils in Zambia are increasing, is a sign that the church is not doing much and my challenge to the mother bodies is that, let them come out clean also on matters of same sex marriages because the act boarders on immorality.
He further lashed out at some civil society organisations that take time to criticize president Lungu but have not spoken out against gay campaigns being championed in some parts of Zambia.
Furthermore, Rev. Lungu invited the minister of Home Affairs to cause the investigation of the allegation made by Kabimba and establish it’s authenticity.
“My appeal to the government is that let it work closely with the Rainbow Party in an attempt to get the truth. It is only then that the get truth will be established.
Meanwhile Rev. Lungu has advised the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to respect the UN Systems in Zambia because the institution represent the big national interest.
Rev. Lungu regretted the confrontational stance taken by the Hichilema against the UN country representative Janet Rogan.
He said it is unfortunate that the the UPND leaders has continued to toss around the UN country representative Rogan.
He said the UN Systems In Zambia has nothing to do with the choices voters make.
He said the challenges being seen by politicians should not be blamed on the UN country representative in Zambia because she has a better CV and it was this account that she was entrusted to run a reputable world organisation.
Lungu asked the UPND leader not to create acrimony with in the UN Systems In Zambia and misled them with fake information.
He said the people have the right to believe in what they want to and it’s up to the politicians to win the support of the people themselves.
He said blaming UN Systems In Zambia will not earn Hichilema the respect.
He said people like Hichilema bent on manipulating international institution for the purpose of earning respect should be exposed all the time.

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