Central investment expo set for this October

By Smart Eagles
Lusaka (14-03-18) Central province is earmarked to have the first ever investment expo which will take place this coming October from the 16th to 20th.
Central province permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe told senior Chief Shakumbila on March 14th when he paid a courtesy call on him at his palace that some investors have expressed willingness to invest in Central Province.
Already Kabwe disclosed, about 21 Indian investors who have arrived in Zambia have expressed willing to invest in Central province and particular attention will be in chiefdoms where people lack access to funds to enable them improve their lives.
According to Kabwe, once investments goes to chiefdoms, not only the lives of the people will change but also the areas will be opened to a wider markets both locally and internationally.
“This will include the creation of roads and building the infrastructures that will benefit the local people. During this period when development will be taking place, jobs for young ones will be created.”
He added that: “the primary focus is in the chiefdoms because the government wants the people there people there to benefit from the share of massive developments taking place across the country.”
For example, Kabwe explained, many people not only in Shakumbila’s Chiefdom but across Central Province own lots of cattle and have vast pierces farms of which if were properly developed would richly benefit the people in the areas.
He explained that the business opportunities the government, including trusts the government is creating in chiefdoms will enable the people access funds for development will make the people, especially the poor to lead a descent life.
He suggested that the government wants to add value to the farm produce and that is why it (government) is encouraging investors to set up agro processing industries within the chiefdoms saying this help the people to create wealth and begin to benefit from the developmental programs which the government has lined up across the country.
He assured Chief Shakumbila that his chiefdom is among the areas the government has identified as a potential investment destination.
He indicated that Shakumbila is part of the many chiefdoms that have been identified as potential investment destination in Central province.
“The government is committed to improve the lives of the in chiefdoms and this plans resonate well with the Sevenths National Development Plan where the government has resolved not to leave anyone behind and Shakumbila Chiefdom is included in the development agenda of the country, the government has lined up.”

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