Pregnant Woman Delivers In Soya Field After Being Turned Away At Clinic

EASTERN Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says some civil servants at Chanyumba clinic in Chipangali Constituency will be dismissed if it is proved that they turned away a pregnant woman who allegedly ended up giving birth in a soya bean field.

And Kasolo says he will charge six district commissioners for not giving the provincial epidemic preparedness committee reports on cholera.

Meanwhile, Kasolo says people that settled on the forestry reserve in Chipata district will be removed, adding that government cannot legalise illegality.

Speaking during the committee meeting yesterday, Kasolo said his deputy, Patrick Mwanawasa, and district director of health Dr Charles Fanaka, were dispatched to the area to verify reports of a woman
who allegedly gave birth in a crop field after she was turned away from the clinic.

“One poor lady who was expecting when she was taken to the clinic in an area controlled by Mafuta chaps, what they did was refuse her to be treated at the clinic and she ended up giving birth in a
crop field, really unacceptable by any standard, 53 years after independence. How can we do such a thing? What sort of animals are these that would deny somebody treatment? Even in war when your enemy is injured and they fall into your territory, you treat them,” Kasolo said.

He said it was primitive to refuse to treat someone on account that they did not hail from the same chiefdom.

“I have instructed DPS Mwanawasa to go and look at this and I want to get to the bottom of this. Why did any of the civil servants from the Ministry of Health…that’s where Dr Fanaka has gone to as well. We want to establish, did they actually refuse to give treatment to this woman? If this is true, they will be dismissed; there is no other punishment
other than dismissal. Medical personnel have got ethics and that they should treat everyone,” Kasolo said.

Meanwhile, chief Chinunda’s senior Induna Kumandakuitana Tonga gave a detailed report about the land dispute between his chief and Mafuta chiefdom that has led to confusion.

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