Kuomboka Set For 7th April 2018

The Barotse Royal Establishment has announced that this year’s Kuomboka ceremony will be held on 7th April.

Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda says the programme for the ceremony will run up to 10th April with a series of activities.

Meanwhile concerned citizen William Harrington has advised organizers of this year’s Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi speaking people to ensure this year’s ceremony is not politicized.

Mr Harrington who is former Senanga Member of Parliament says politicians should not be allowed to politicize the event.

He says traditional ceremonies are meant for the people to celebrate their tradition and not for politicians to campaign.

Mr Harrington notes that the Kuomboka ceremony attracts both local and foreign tourists, thus the need not to attach politics to it.

He states that the organizers must therefore ensure that what happened last year does not re-occur during this year’s ceremony.

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