Distribution of branded exercise books not political campaign- Govt

Sylvia Chalikosa

Sylvia Chalikosa

Minister in the office of the Vice President Silvia Chalikosa says the distribution of branded exercise books bearing President Edgar Lungu’s portrait and the PF logo is not a political campaign TOOL.

Responding to a question in parliament by Independent Chipili Member of Parliament Jewis Chabi, who wanted to know why the Government has allowed the PF to distribute to schools books bearing the Presidential Portrait and the PF Logo; and whether the distribution does not constitute a political campaign tool; AND if so, whether other political parties are at liberty to distribute similar political materials to schools; Ms. Chalikosa said President Lungu is the only one who can distribute books bearing his portrait.

She says the portrait and party logo placed on the books does not diminish or decrease their value in any way.

Ms Chalikosa has told the house that President Edgar Lungu has embarked on helping school-going orphans and other vulnerable children with branded books out of empathy and not as a political campaign.

She adds that it is not up to government to dictate to the recipients whether to decline or accept the donations especially when it is done with good intentions.

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