Minister Lusambo fails to explain source of his funding

Outspoken former MMD Diehard National Coordinator and now Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on Monday failed to clarify the source of the colossal sums of money he has been donating since becoming Minister.
Lusambo who proclaims himself as the chief bootlicker of President Edgar Lungu could not categorical explain the source of his funding   when asked to share his source of income  on the Prime Television’s Oxygen of Democracy programme.
When asked where he was getting all the money he is dishing out Lusambo said he was a business man who deals in “electronics and generally dealing” though he could not specify what kind of “general dealings” could give him such colossal sums of money.
“..Am a business man..I deal in electronics and general dealings, you, you know what am talking about..for me I want to share with the people around me- even when you come to my house whether in Ndola, Lusaka or at my father’s house we always share with the people around us.”
And when pressed further whether his businesses had the capacity to allow him to donate such monies Lusambo could only manage to say ” its capacity” repeatedly.
Meanwhile there was a serious altercation between Kalani Muchima the programme host and the Minister when the latter raised the issue of sprinkling billboards in the city.
Lusambo said there was nothing wrong with putting up billboards of the President (leaders) in town as it shows that citizens identified themselves with their President (leaders) saying you can even have the bill boards in your yard to which Kalani said he can never allow the erection of a bill board of the President at his place being a private property.
Kalani went on to say it was OK for Lusambo to have the President’s bill board at his place because he was eating with him a comment the Minister found to be in bad test and damanded that it should be withdrawn.
Lusambo was last week made to swallow his pride and pull down his bill board which he had erected at High Court Round about.
He later claimed the bill board was erected without his knowledge by a named company which paid and sponsored the bill board without telling him.

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