PF Lawmaker advises youths to act responsibly

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (11.03.18) Chinsali Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament (MP), Kalalwe Mukosa has advised the Zambian youths to act responsibly and not to be used by selfish politicians as tools violence.
Mukosa told journalists during the PF Interactive Forum held at Chrisma Hotel in Lusaka on Sunday that in the recent past, some politicians have used youths as tools of violence to champion their own self interests.
Instead of being used by selfish politicians Mukosa urged the youths to take advantage of government’s good will of providing opportunities in terms of skill developments and business adventures to enrich their lives.
According to Mukosa the government has set aside K45 million under the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission and K48 million under the ministry of youths for the skill and business development.
He further disclosed that the Development Bank of Zambia  has in stock about K50 million for SME which committed youths can access to better.
He said if the youth fail to take advantage of the government good will and put themselves on hire to selfish politicians who only want to use them as tools of violence, they will be the one to blame when they get arrested.
“My advice to our young people as they celebrate their day tomorrow therefore is that, let them stay away from activities, including violence because if they do, they will find themselves  in trouble. Violence will only serve to derail their future plans.”
Meanwhile the Chinsali lawmaker has outlined a number of developmental projects, including the construction of township roads, schools and hospitals in his constituency.
He said while some of these projects are still undergoing construction, a good number of them either completed or about to be completed within the time frame.
He cited for example some road projects which he said are at 87% before completion.
“In Chinsali, we are also working on water reticulation projects. Once this project is done, the issue of water problems will be things of the past.
At the moment, Mukosa explained water engineers are laying of pipes is right to connect water.
Other major projects being worked on include the Mbesuma bridge which upon completion will ease the movement of  people in the area.
“With the coming of the bridge, the people of Chinsali will bide farewell to transport challenges.”
He also noted that the bridge will not only be a business connect route to land separated by the river but will also increase the safety of the people.
The government is also working on the Network towers to ease communication challenges.
He said the ministry of communication is working hard to ensure that work of mounting network towers is completed.
“These project will also provide qn employment opportunities for the youths in the area.

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