Zambia big investor destination – expert


 ZAMBIA has become one of the leading investor nations in all sectors of the economy, says Axis Advisory Limited managing director Gulam Patel.

Mr Patel said Zambia was recognized as an attractive leading hub of investment to the growth of the private sector resulting in creation of jobs, goods and services.

He said Zambia was an emerging economy that needed to  join the rest of the world in fostering development and growth in different sectors of the economy.

Mr Patel said that with the influx of both local and international investors in need of corporate services, there was an opportunity in the advisory sector.

He explained that Axis was a leading corporate service provider specialised in cross border transactions and has been associated with over 100 companies and corporations doing business in Zambia which included both local and international entities.

Axis Advisory Limited which was previously known as Musa Dudhia Limited was a corporate entity that offered services such as company, foreign branch registration, trade mark and tax registration.

Speaking during a media briefing, Mr Patel said the affiliation with Axis enabled Zambian entrepreneur access corporate services that were the core of any business.

“We believe that this affiliation will only give rise to growth of local companies and international investment by providing a wide range of corporate fund and trust structuring services to an international clientele to inspire confidence in the compliance and registration abilities,” he said.

And company general manger Hilda Phiri said in the last few years Zambia had seen steady growth in the number of businesses empowering Zambians to be part of the global movement of enterprises.

She said her company prided itself in having presence in different locations giving Axis the ability to network and meet the needs of steady clients created by the affiliation.

“Axis has its headquarters in Mauritius and has presence in 12 African countries spreading form the North to the South and this foot print gives us the ability to serve better and beyond ,” she said.

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