Discharge of blood, water after sex shocks married woman


A woman narrated in a local court in Lusaka that  she sometimes discharges water or blood from her private parts whenever she makes love with her husband after he acquired a girlfriend.

This is in a case in which Maureen Monde of Kanyama compound sued her husband, Teddy Mukwato for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2003 and they have five children. Dowry was paid.

Monde told Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that problems started in 2010 when they bought a farm because Mukwato was having a love affair with another woman.

She explained that when she goes to the farm he would not phone her or send her talk time.

Monde added that she was sick at the farm and that when she came back, Mukwato did not take care of her and that he was not supporting her the way he used to.

Monde said that Mukwato doesn’t buy her clothes and that she doesn’t see his salary, adding that sometimes he doesn’t sleep home.

“We stayed for six months without sex, whenever I have sex with Mukwato, the following day water or blood comes out of my private parts. Mukwato told me to accept that he marries a second wife that is when he will support me,” said Monde.

In defence, Mukwato said that problems started in 2004 when Monde started drinking beer.

He explained that Monde drinks a lot and that she has no respect, adding that it was the reason he married a second wife.

Mukwato added that Monde wanted to kill him but he still loves her.

The court did not reconcile the couple because they have irreconcilable issues.

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