Church elder summoned to testify in adultery case



 A 45-YEAR-OLD man has been told in a local court in Lusaka to bring a church elder to court for claiming that the man he sued for adultery admitted his guilt in the presence of the church elder.

Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court made the ruling in a case in which Leonard Musa of John Laing compound sued Charles Mwamba, 55, of Kanyama compound alleging that he commits adultery with his wife, Joyce Chibelushi, 39.

Musa told the court that he married Chibelushi in 1996 and that they have five children, adding that dowry was paid.

He explained that he found his wife, Chibelushi putting her heard on Mwamba’s laps in his (Musa’s) barbershop where they also sell beer.

He that when Zambia was playing Ivory Coast in January, he found Mwamba embracing Chibelushi at 21:00 hours and that immediately he saw him, he ran away.

Musa said that the church elder sat with Mwamba and that he admitted committing adultery with Chibelushi.

‘’Chibelushi even went to Livingstone because we differed but I put her phone on call divert and Mwamba called and it came to me asking Chibelushi how she travelled. Whenever Mwamba called, Chibelushi was saying they are doing business,’’ said Musa.

In defence, Mwamba said that he was surprised to be brought to court for he only knows Chibelushi because they go to the same church and he used to find her where they sell beer.

Chibelushi testified that she doesn’t know Mwamba and that to see him in court was the first time, adding that she was surprised when she heard that she was wanted at court.

The court adjourned the matter to a later date for Musa to bring the church elder to testify.

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