Don’t liken Zuma’s fate to Zambia-DNA



It is ridiculous to try and liken circumstances that led to the recent forced resignation of South African president, Jacob Zuma, to the political climate in Zambia, Zambian DNA spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa has observed.

Speaking at the backdrop of some analysts and political commentators who recently stated that President Edgar Lungu was next on the exit roster, Mr told the Daily Nation that the Zambian political scenario was intact saying only a few disgruntled and frustrated politicians were making unnecessary noise.

He said Zambians were enjoying the country’s democracy and would only change government through the ballot.

Mr Mulemwa said the current government under President Lungu had done nothing to warrant his forced resignation.

He said people who were trying to replicate the happenings in South Africa were consumed by wishful thinking.

“We have heard of politicians saying that before general elections they will be president but I can tell you that, that is wishful thinking because they hope to become President using dubious means, ”Mr Mulemwa said.

He said some politicians were trying hard to avoid going for elections adding that maybe they had sensed that they would be rejected by the Zambian People.

Mr Mulemwa charged that the opposition in the country had gone to sleep hence the reason why they were resorting to strange ways of getting into office.

“The challenge we have is that some politicians are not selling their ideas to the Zambians, what they are doing is just making unfounded corruption allegations,”Mr Mulemwa said.

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