ZDDM regret politics of antagonism

The Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has expressed regret at the manner which some sectors of the Zambian society are distorting facts of matters affecting the country are being addressed. ZDDM
Party president Edwin Sakala is particularly concerned in the manner in which some people have decided to quote president Edgar Lungu’s expression of “ubomba mwibala, alya mwibala out context.
According to Sakala, president Lungu is in no way encouraging anyone in government to either steal or engage in any form of corrupt activities that will jeopardise the interest of Zambia.
He indicated that such kind of deliberate decision of misquoting the innocent statement made by the president in good faith is recipe of anarchy in the country.
In my opinion, such acts of irresponsible interpretation of a statement made by the head of state trying to counsel public officer is akin to witchcraft,” Sakala regretted.
He added that deciding to misquote the president in the manner in which some sections have done for purpose of diverting attention of the people from the developmental agenda the president is introducing in the country is as bad as introducing politics of witchcraft in the country.
Sakala is of the view that if the people of Zambia continue with this kind of politics which he suspects is an incarnate of witchcraft, then Zambia is being set on a high way motion to self destruction.
“What is happening in Zambia today is exactly what happened in Libya where some people were sponsored by the enemies of Libya to destroy anything good which the late president of that country Brother Muammer Quadaffi was trying to put in place for the people of Libya.”
Today, Sakala explained the people of Libya are regretting having accepted to be used by the enemies of Libya to destroy their country.
It is a fact that, Libya without Qudaffi is a hell not worth living. What happened in Libya can also happen in Zambia if we are not careful. ”
Therefore, Sakala advised, the peace. Zambia is enjoying today should not be taken for granted because it can easily melt away like ice cream at the sight of heat. Zambian political leader must not turn politics into witchcraft of ever demonizing each other but putting national interest first because nothing good comes from destroying each others images.

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