To Edgar Lungu and his supporters


Time is no longer on your side
We are tired of being taken for a ride
To you, it’s all about 2021
To us, we just want to live as one
You have pocketed what could have saved hundreds of souls
Your greed precedes what is best for all
A sick woman sleeping on hospital floor
Does not spark any empathy is your hearts that are cold
You kneel for our votes and bribe the poor
And then kneel before God and pretend to pure
You are cruel to your innocent rivals
Your decisions and utterances are always tribal
You have turned your leadership privilege into pilferage
You are milking the poor you claim to serve
Your lips can no longer conceal your thievery
Your hands are longer than those of monkeys
You are monkeying around in corridors of power
You threaten us and never empower us
You silence us and never listen
You always subject us to your shameless dirty linen
You have squeezed our spending
Yet your wealth and property keeps extending
You claim to be popular and strong
But you can’t face up to a satirical song
You are like a rodent evasion’s wrath
Sparing nothing in its path
Your lies have lost their rigour
As our voters cards regain their vigour
Your call the rest of us losers of elections
But the real loser are all of our children
The ones you have burden with debt
The ones you are intoxicating, because your hands have dirt
The ones whose education you have delayed
The ones whose views get you rat-like scared
Zambians will unite against corruption
Zambians will get back their God-given nation
Truth is not what you cook in a state media kitchens
Truth is the authority the people have to make you flee like chickens Your authority holds guns and keys to a prison
Our authority is the truth that overcomes tyranny and seeks freedom

Richard W.

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