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Bold decision will save Lusaka


Nothing short of very bold decisions, similar to the cholera initiative, by the Government will save Lusaka from further flooding. Political decisions which allowed the development of settlements in ill-suited areas bereft of services are to blame for flooding houses built on land that is not suited for the purpose. Short of moving Lusaka to another location flooding, cholera and water borne diseases will be with us.

Geoffrey Kangwa


Lusaka flooding explained


Bad town planning has led to this flooding in our capital city. Google map of Lusaka and you will see that since independence there has been sprawling building activities without providing basement for laying pipes and lines for amenities such as sewerage, water, drainage, electricity etc. This means cholera outbreaks will be back. Shanty compounds will need a lot of money to upgrade for the future. This is what happens when ignorant people are given the authority to allocate plots and building permits without planning.



Log in HH’s eye


Ati Lungu should stop stealing! Ba HH of all the people? After your privatization deals in 1991 you think Zambians have forgotten? What is left for Lungu to steal? Charity begins at home. You should be the last person to call President Lungu a thief. In case you have forgotten, there are Paradise and Panama Papers where you have hidden people’s money. You are not clean HH.



Stone who?


A sane person picking up a stone to throw at someone. Nangu ma politics bane tulekwatako amano.

Kingstone Bwalya.


Why pick on Chinese ba Kambwili?


Why stone the Chinese nationals. We can’t just go back to the days where Stephen in the Bible was stoned for just his opinion olo ma politics this is uncalled for.

Derrick Chongo


Failure to solve problems


Since it seems we have failed to solve our political differences in Zambia, I propose we be re-colonized and I do uphold Trump’s mission.

Milton Lumano


Away with tribalism, corruption


There are two major evils eating at the fabric of our society. Tribalism which leads to corruption. Zambian is Zambian. Let us love one another.



HH top thief in Zambia


HH  is not the right person to speak about stealing in Zambia. What you did to privatisation is exactly the same thing you are doing to UPND party. You always think you know best and you are a right person to do the job but the results are always bad. Allow new people to speak not you HH, an obvious thief.  DJ7


If only HH was not UPND leader…


If only UPND had a leader other than HH, this time they would have been in power. It started very well but due to politics being a game of numbers, they have gathered recycled and rejects. I pity the voters.


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