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Why can’t police IG retire in public  interest?

Dear Editor,

President Lungu may have his own good reasons for firing North Western Province police commissioner Auxensio Daka but the fish normally begins to rot from the head.

How many Zambians have complained and continue to do so about poor police performance in this country?

For me the buck stops at IG himself Mr Kakoma Kanganja who appears not to be on top of things in our police service which was rated fourth most corrupt and poor performing in Africa.

That rating tells volumes of bad stories about our police service which stopped functioning many years ago.

And because the bulk of prosecutors come from this service, this has not helped matters hence the endless nolles and acquittals in our courts. In other words their poor performance has sent judiciary to the hyenas.

So for how long are going to pretend that all is well in our police service when the opposite is the holy truth?

How many individuals break the law, like Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Hakainde Hichilema (HH) both of UPND but are left alone to continue insulting the President?

It is this bad tolerance of our Police that will NOT take this country anywhere. Don’t we all know that even the corruption index for our police is a big scandal?

I don’t know what those with powers to turn our police inside out or upside down are doing about this horrifying situation.

Like they say, a stich in time will save nine later. Something should be done now to change the face of our police.

Gershom B. T Mulenga


Thieving varsities, colleges

Dear Editor,

Could you please kindly tell the Ministry of Higher Education to stop the colleges/universities who are stealing from unsuspecting boys and girls wanting to study?

They are forced/duped into paying K200/K300 as application fees.

You realise some of these colleges have a capacity of only 30 places but receive over 4,000 applicants paying through banks.

Roughly for 30 students, the figure comes to K9, 000 leaving a balance of K81, 000 which to me is free money for the colleges/universities.

Where do they take this money to? Surely, why not charge a small amount like K20 as handling fee? Who audits these banks where huge monies are deposited?

Why has government paid a blind eye to this ‘‘clever’’ way of robbing/stealing from poor boys and girls?

Can someone please save us from these shameless educated tricksters?



UPND now a virtue terrorist organisation

Dear Editor,

Allow me some space in your paper to comment on the burning of former UPND official Mr Eucridy Mwiinga’s vehicle by suspected UPND cadres for defecting to PF.

This to me simply endorses that there is no democracy in UPND.

Mr Mwiinga is, like a dream, free to join any party of his choice at any time without any hindrance. What happened is barbaric and can only come from very shallow minds. No doubt they are the people behind this savage act.

The motive is clear, Mr Mwiinga met his fate for abandoning a predominantly tribal party to join PF. That is the only sin he committed.

And because UPND is synonymous with blood, the colour of its uniform, it did not come much as a surprise for them to do what they did and that piece of violence may not be the last.

Literally everyone in UPND is angry for losing the 2016 elections which they thought they would easily win after receiving massive financial and material support from their external backers.

But sadly God had other plans because he knows what kind people are in UPND.

Like it has been reported in the past HH will never like President Lungu come what may for as long as he (HH) is not president.

It is well known fact that UPND is receiving massive financial backing from Anglo American Company and have formed a scheme to get rid of President Lungu at all cost.

Remember what HH has been saying lately that President Lungu will not rule until 2021?

He is even wishing what happened in Zimbabwe could show its ugly head in Lusaka so that he can get into State House.

It is no longer a secret why Anglo American is pushing for. They want their stooge to invite them back to Zambia and then ask to reduce mining royalties for foreign companies so that they maximise profits at the expense of poor Zambians. they could not care the least.

That aside, what happened to Mr Mwiinga is sad and police should get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

As if the torching of his vehicle was not wicked enough, the man also lost about K72, 000 and a Laptop during the same attack on him. These animals!

Sure, apart from being a gang of tribalists, they also can pass for uncivilized terrorists they are.

 Alfred Sipambuleki


Educated Zambians to blame for current abject Poverty

Dear Editor,

Sad but true. I have just returned from Chile with interest in learning their economy especially the mines under pressure of globalists pushing for privatization of every key national asset.

I cannot agree more with my brother UNZA don Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, but confess and share a sense of shame and failure as an educated Zambian.

It is the so-called educated that have killed Zambia’s destiny and not the generation of uneducated in the league of my late parents.

In the dawn of neo-liberalism, the educated over zealously strapped Zambia of her every asset in the national wealth portfolio created over the years by patriots from the UNIP era.

They raped and created nothing for Zambia exposing the masses to abject poverty.

It’s time to introspect and step up to the call of service to the country.

Concerned senior citizen



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