Fuel hike to affect poor people-CSPR

CSRP Executive Director Patrick Nshindano

CSRP Executive Director Patrick Nshindano

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has called on government to seriously consider investing in the cost of fuel study and remove all inefficiencies that exist in the fuel supply chain.

And the CSPR has observed that the increase in the cost of fuel as announced by the Energy Regulation Board will have a huge negative impact on the country’s economy as this will result in the increase in the cost of doing business.

CSPR Executive Director Patrick Nshindano tells QTV News that government should realize that fuel is a key ingredient in production as well as provision of services in any given economy.

He states that the increase in the price of fuel will therefore no doubt have a negative bearing on the poor people in the country.

He says while the CSPR is aware of government’s policy of the period review of the price of fuel, this must be structured in such a way that the consumers and the business community are aware of what is coming ahead of them.

Mr Nshindano says it is unfortunate that Zambia remains among countries with the high cost of fuel to the extent that planes opt to refuel in neighboring countries like Zimbabwe.


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