Chinese, Kalundu residents clash


ANOTHER fight has erupted between Chinese investors and Kalundu residents in Lusaka barely a month after Shumeite project was halted by the court as another mall has been proposed to be constructed in the area.

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) had put a public notice which ended yesterday over the intended major development of a three-storey building by Zheng Yi on Stand 5490, located at the corner of Lunsemfwa and Msanzara Roads.

It is just a house away from the controversial Shumeite mall which has since been halted by the Lusaka High Court.

In letters of objection to Lusaka Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa, dated February 6, 2018 and signed by 100 residents with a backing from one main letter drafted by their representatives, the residents have rejected the development, arguing that among other things, the said stand was gazetted as a residential plot and designed as such.

They contend that over the years, LCC had done nothing to improve or upgrade the water and sanitation system to accommodate major structures and had not provided services that befit an area that had been declared a mixed development zone.

“We hereby reject the planned development because we realise that with the non-existent sewer reticulation system in Kalundu, the faecal effluent from a three-storey restaurant will only lead to further pollution of the underground water table.’’

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