Arm chair critics slamed


UNSUBSTATIATED corruption allegations and destructive criticism against government by arm chair critics are all meant to detract the PF regime from concentrating on developing Zambia, Northern province PF chairperson Bwalya Chungu has observed.

Mr Chungu who is Lupososhi constituency PF lawmaker said the destructive criticism by disgruntled politicians were meant to hinder development for their cheap political mileage.

Mr Chungu in a statement said the PF in Northern province was not bothered by the false corruption allegations not because they have any grain of truth but rather the party does not want to give credence to wild accusations.

He pointed out that if those criticizing government were genuine, they could have at least acknowledged some of the development underscored by the PF government rather than always offering destructive criticism.

“They have instead buried their head in the sand and pretended that no development is taking place in the country. Unfortunately, the leaders of the two political parties (UPND and NDC) are playing politics of hate, insults, lies and vengeance,” Mr Chungu charged.

Mr Chungu further said the Zambian people in general and Northern province in particular have seen and appreciated the massive developments taking place under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

He said it was clear that PF government was doing a great deal to lift the living standards of the Zambian people in the spirit of “leaving no one behind.”


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