UPND ‘not surprised’ by fuel price hike


UPND Chairperson for Energy Charles Kaisala says his party is not surprised that the PF government has increased pump prices for fuel.

In a statement, Kaisala said it was no surprise that fuel prices due to the alleged engagement of crooks and middlemen if the procurement of petroleum products.

He said the public should continue expecting the worst from the current government especially after the recent sentiments from President Edgar Lungu where he appeared to encourage the theft of public resources.

“We are not surprised with the recent fuel price increase by the corrupt PF leadership especially coming after the selection of crooked and corrupt middlemen in the procurement of petroleum products.

“Citizens must expect the worst now especially after Edgar Lungu officially launched the PF corrupt slogan of ‘Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala’.

“The price of crude was about $140 per barrel in 2008 during a global recession coupled with low commodity prices on the international market but the pump price of fuel was not above K7 per litre because the economy was still being prudently managed.”

He said there is no credible excuse for government to increase fuel prices when the current price of crude oil is half the price as that of ten years ago.

“The current price of crude oil at US$70 per barrel on the international market is half the price as compared to 2008 and has generally remained stable in the recent past.

“Further, the US dollar on which the petroleum products are pegged have generally weakened against major international currencies, so the kwacha depreciation is as a result of Zambia’s poor economic policies and most importantly bad governance by the corrupt thieves in government.

“There is general lack of interest by genuine and clean investors and co-operating partners to pump in money in such a corrupt regime,” he said

He added: “We also know that these corrupt middlemen in the oil procurement process are factoring in money for ‘nchekeleko’ which they are giving to the few thieves in the PF leadership at the expense of majority Zambians.

“And by the way, where is the K5 per litre fuel from Saudi Arabia the PF promised voters during the 2016 campaigns?”

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