TIZ oppose calls to remove presidential immunity from constitution

TIZTransparency International Zambia has opposed calls for the removal of presidential immunity from the Republican Constitution.

Recently, Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) called on Zambians to demand for the removal of presidential immunity from the Constitution in order to ensure that the presidency is also answerable to the judicial processes.

But TIZ Chapter President Reuben Lifuka says what is needed is for the various stakeholders to offer appropriate checks and balances on how executive powers are used by the President.

In an interview with Q-News, Mr. Lifuka says offering checks and balances on how the President uses his executive powers is important in ensuring that powers vested in him are not used for personal gain.

He adds that the President’s executive powers must be confined to execution of national duties.

Mr. Lifuka states that it is wrong for the President to use executive immunity for personal gain.

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