Premature election celebrations caused violence – Tonga Ila Chief


Senior Chief Mukobela of the Tonga Ila people of Namwala district has submitted that premature victory celebrations during the 2016 elections caused violence.

Namwala was the most affected district where Houses of some residents were burnt down during the electoral violence that erupted after President Lungu was declared winner.

The UPND after it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema took an early lead could not accept the final results that Edgar Lungu had won the elections. They alleged that results which were delayed like in Lusaka were manipulated in favour of President Lungu.

Submitting to the Commission of Inquiry into the Violence and Tribal Voting in 2016, Chief Mukobela told the Commission that visited him on Thursday that premature victories must be stopped saying they were the source of violence in the last elections.

Chief Mukobela has also urged political contenders to campaign and persuade voters in all parts of the country if they are to win elections. He also reminded that politicians should understand that in an election there are two things which happen to win or lose saying they should be ready to accept the outcome.

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