Lungu: I Consider Myself a Success

President Edgar Lungu says he considers himself a success because no one believed in him but he is Head of State today.

And President Lungu has asked clergymen to counsel politicians who are causing confusion saying if not stopped, they can create confusion for everyone, including innocent people.

Speaking during a Chimwemwe UCZ service yesterday, President Lungu said he never know he could be president.

“I never knew I would be president but here I am. I never knew I would be a success story but here I am. I consider myself a success because no one believed in me but God saw it fit to put me here. That’s why in him and through him, with him and the church, I believe we are doing very well,” President Lungu said.

“You have taught me not to listen to what people say but I am only human. Last week I was told ‘there is no rain in Zambia because PF has got wrong policies in place, today we have got floods all over Zambia, I don’t know whether the floods are because PF has got no proper policies in place. I am very happy that you told me to ignore some of these things, however, I have chosen not to ignore. I listen to everything, even when they insult me I listen but there is no sense in that. I want to make it very clear that I hear all the voices especially when they are coming from people who think they are very clever but I only pick those which are going to help me in my job as president.”

President Lungu said he would always be available to the church.

“We are where we are because of you. We are your servants and your servants and the servant listens to the master and the master is you. To the church, my message is that please don’t give up on us, keep praying for us, that’s your first duty. The second duty is to counsel us, to advise us to do the right thing. As for me, I will always make myself available to the church. That’s because I believe I am here because God allowed it and in his own wisdom and grace, he will use me the way he wants to. As a human being, I am bound to make mistakes, I am bound to fail, but please advise us. The same should be done to all those who aspire to become presidents in whatever form,” he said.

“Ba bishop, abantu nga balelanda ine ndonfwa. Nomba nsalamo ifya mano…nomba nga nifyauwelewele, nshumfwa nokumfwa (Bishop, when people are speaking, I listen. But I choose the sensible things, if they speak foolish things, I don’t listen).”

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