Govt urged to stick to it’s commitment on debt accumulation

Business & Financial Analyst Blessings Kafwanka

Business & Financial Analyst Blessings Kafwanka

Business and financial analyst Blessings Kafwanka has reminded government of the need to stick to the commitment it has made not to accumulate unnecessary debt this year in order to avoid creating more stress on the national treasury.

Mr. Kafwanka tells Q news that the 1.8 billion kwacha allocated towards debt servicing in January 2018 was a bit on the higher side and shows that the debt position country is currently in is creating a lot of stress for the treasury.

He says government should therefore avoid borrowing unnecessarily this year to avoid putting more stress on the treasury.

Mr Kafwanka has however; commended government for availing information regarding the K5.2 billion released in January 2018 saying this will promote transparency and accountability, and also gives citizens information that can be used to evaluate how resources and funds are being utilized.


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