MoH assures people living with albinism

Dr. Kennedy Malama - MoH Permanent Secretary

Dr. Kennedy Malama – MoH Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Dr Kennedy Malama has assured the ministry’ commitment in forecasting and quantifying sunscreen lotion as commodity that should always be available in the public health system.

Dr Malama says the ministry of health will continue to provide sunscreen lotions for people living with albinism in the country.

He however states that the procurement of sunscreen lotions is dependent on the availability of funds from the treasury.

He has commended people living with albinism for getting organized and forming foundations and associations which are anchoring their common efforts.

Dr. Malama has called on people living with albinism to work closely with the ministry of health at various levels wherever they are so as to have easy and quick access to products that ensure for their well being such as the sunscreen lotions.

And National Albinism Networking Association of Zambia President Dickson Konkola has called on the ministry to quicken the process of procuring the sunscreen lotion so to make it available and accessible across the country.

He has stated that the recent consignment that government gave out was a total of 4,000 tubes of sunscreen lotions, which he says is not enough to carter for all people living with albinism in the country especially in rural areas.


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