Hiccups in the 2017-2018 farm season wont affect poultry production

The Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) says hiccups in the 2017-2018 farming season will not affect poultry production.

PAZ Executive Director Dominic Chanda says this is because the country has enough maize stocks from last year’s farming season to cater for human and animal consumption as well as industrial use.

He says in as much as the dry spell being experienced in some parts of the country may affect crop production; it will not have an impact on the poultry industry as the country already has enough stocks.

Mr. Chanda however, notes that the impact will be felt in 2019, as neighboring countries may start importing the commodity from Zambia.

He says this will prompt grain traders to export their reserved stocks.

Chanda says this will increase the cost of poultry production as stock feed prices will likely go up.

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