Zambia declares Monday as a Day to pray for Cholera


President Lungu during the Day of National Prayer

The Patriotic Front government has declared Monday, January 2018 as a day for National prayers to stop the outbreak oholera and rainfall.

Zambia has been hit by outbreak of Cholera recording over 2000 cases which has grounded some normal operations in the country including suspending of opening of schools.
Religious and National Guidance Minister Godfredah Sumaili has announced the development. She has directed that there should be no worshiping on Sunday even in areas where there is no ban saying the gathering should take place on Monday for between 2 to 3 hours.
The Minister has directed that the occasion must be taken serious and be observed by everyone.
She says apart from praying for the end of Cholera the nation will also be praying for rains which have been erratic.
Zambia in 2016 declared October 18 as a Day of National Prayer and Fasting. The Day is a public holiday. However, critics have accused the PF government of using the name of God in vain by deceiving the citizens who Christians saying their action is contrary to their actions following rampant corruption and abuse of human rights.

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