Zambia best destination for well-paying jobs in Africa-survey


ZAMBIA has been ranked the best destination for well-paying jobs in Africa by the Kenyan Tourism blog ahead of bigger economies like South Africa. 

According to the blog, Zambia remains an attractive destination for professionals looking for a place to find well-paying jobs. It says the country remains famous for its rugged, breath-taking scenery and rich, diverse wildlife, making it a gold mine for professionals from other countries.

According to statistics from the World Bank, Zambia witnessed rapid economic growth between 2000 and 2014, with an annual average growth of 7.3 percent.

In the same period, the GDP per Capita went up by 4.3 percentage though it experienced political instability that adversely affected economic growth.

The report says Zambia remains an attractive employment destination because of the lost cost of living compared to other African countries.  “Despite the economic slowdown, the average net monthly salary in Zambia is $1,482. Compared to other African countries, the net salary is lucrative, especially if you search for jobs that compensate well. Some of the top careers that pay well in Zambia include office administration at $1,925, banking and finance at $1,350, healthcare at $1,310, non-governmental organizations at $1,250, and agriculture at $1,100.

“The cost of living in Zambia is relatively low compared to many African countries. Lusaka is Zambia’s capital and business hub, so most job opportunities and expatriates reside in Lusaka.

“Zambia has vibrant financial and banking sectors, large telecommunication giants, and mining corporations,” writes the blog.

The blog further says other towns with a large number of foreign workers include Livingstone, which is the country’s main tourism hub. As always, salaries are paid according to an individual’s cumulative professional experience, industry, and job grade/level.

The blog pitted South Africa second from Zambia as it has one of the strongest economies on the continent and a major hub for professionals looking to advance their careers.

“If you want a job that pays well and allows you to live comfortably, South Africa is definitely worth the try. Being the continent’s mining, industrial, and financial hub, there are numerous opportunities worth checking out.

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