UPND not ready for power in 2021 – News Analyst


HH with his Deputy GBM

News Analyst at Prime Television Kasebamashila Kaseba writes:

UPND seems to convince me it is not ready for power in 2021 from the way it reacts to criticism and opposition.

It counter criticises or counter opposes or defends itself than focus on its criticism or opposition of PF in power.

And PF knows how to put UPND on its self defense from its offense.

Or PF knows how to distract UPND by emotionalising every argument.

PF has shifted politics from policies to personality in active witness of opposition UPND. UPND like PF has difficulties to differentiate opposition from criticism or journalism just like PF.

Secondly, UPND opposition of PF is belated and afterthought and half hearted.

UPND lacks conviction and PF as so called patriotic front, perhaps the most unpatriotic and tribal political party, can even get away accusing UPND of its unpatriotic and gotten away with it. UPND is stiff.

Lastly and of importance, UPND seems unaware and naive of government departments that handle other decisions like Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and Government Printing Department (GPD).
UPND sees PF in power and not government workers and PF defends government.

EL has single sourced and appointed GPD department to print ballots for 2021 just as ECZ chair Chulu has appointed or promoted Chella based his experience or rigging of 2016 election without an uproar from UPND and stakeholders in the so-called political dialogue.

Well, UPND can petition a presidential electiom of EL or HH sue CT for defamation, but will not question or petition or sue or react to the exit of Akufuna, Isaacs and now promotion of Chella.

What then really moves or upsets UPND or HH? What secret strategy or path has HH got to power other than one we all publicly know as the public one through ECZ?

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