70 cholera deaths recorded

Chitalu Chilufya - Health Minister

Chitalu Chilufya – Health Minister

A total of 3,077 cumulative cholera cases and 70 deaths have been recorded around the country since the outbreak in october last year.

As of today, lusaka district has recorded 87 new cases with 14 children & 73adults bringing the total 182 under treatment.

Health minister dr. Chitalu chilufya says of the 182, forty seven are admitted to the cholera treatment units and 135 at heroes cholera hospital.

He says cumulatively lusaka has recorded 2, 927 cases, 2, 664 of whom were successfully treated and discharged as at 06:00 am today.

Dr. Chilufya says the cumulative death toll in lusaka district stands at 65 with 1 death recorded in the last 24 hrs.

The health minister says a total of 3 suspected cases have been recorded in the last 24 hrs.

In other districts one case has been recorded in pemba and 2 in senanga adding that cumulative total cases 152 cumulative death is at 5 outside lusaka district.

He says countrywide, the nation has a cumulative total of 3077 cases and 70 deaths.


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