… unless you are dying today, or Lungu won’t leave office, you will see

By Annie Zulu AND Simon Muntemba

ROAN Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has threatened to deal with Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chairman, Kennedy Kamba for allegedly orchestrating an attack on the National Democratic Congress leaders last week.

Mr Kambwili boasted that he was bemba from Mporokoso and  he (Kamba) should understand what that meant.  He was speaking at a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka.

Mr Kambwili claims he has proof that the PF organised the attack.  “I have proof that Kennedy Kamba organised thugs from Intercity Bus Terminus to attack NDC secretary-general Mwenya Musenge and spokesperson Erick Chanda at 5fm last week.”

Mr Kambwili, who is also NDC leader claimed that he had a recording of Mr Kamba admitting that he was the one responsible for the attack.

He however, said the party had resorted not to report the matter to the police, because they (police) were compromised.

 “Last week I was invited on Burning Issues on 5fm, and I received information from my boys that the PF had organised three buses for thugs from Intercity led by Kamba to come and attack me when I was on air on radio.

“But I sent the secretary-general and party spokesperson to go as an advance party and assess the security situation and true to the information, they found Kennedy Kamba and other PF cadres camped at 5fm and immediately they stormed 5fm.

“We even had a recording of him where he’s even confessing that he attacked NDC officials, but we have resolved that we will not waste our time to report this incident to the police, because we know that police are compromised, and we know who the Minister of Home Affairs is ‘Kampyongo’,” Mr Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kambwili has threatened Mr Kamba to be careful with his conduct, saying that President Edgar Lungu would not be in State House forever.

“Kamba, your days are numbered, you might think you are clever, but ‘mwaiche wandi’ but you are not, unless you are dying tomorrow or Lungu will not get out of State House, continue with what you are doing,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili vowed, to deal with his opponents, saying he was Bemba and that he hails from Mporokoso.

However, New Congress Party (NCP) leader Peter Chanda claims that the so-called attack on the NDC leaders at 5fm radio was stage-managed just to alarm the nation and paint the ruling party black.

And Pastor Chanda has advised the NDC to desist from practicing politics of character assassination and conduct themselves in a civil manner.

Last week, NDC officials said they were attacked by PF cadres at 5fm radio where they were scheduled to appear on a programme.

The suspected PF cadres smashed Mr Musenge’s vehicle, among others.

But Pastor Chanda who regretted the incident told the Daily Nation that the attack may have been a well-orchestrated move by NDC itself aimed at alarming the nation and painting PF black.

Pastor Chanda argued that it was a well-known fact that PF officials and cadres were busy at that particular day welcoming Miles Sampa and others at their Secretariat, adding it was not possible for them to attack NDC officials that day.

“We know the self-ego of some of the NDC officials more especially those who claim to be consultant, they want to steal the show at any given chance just to alarm the nation and discredit PF,

“So, the purported attack at 5fm radio could have been stage managed just to alarm the nation and scandalise PF, because we are all aware that the PF officials and cadres were busy at that particular day welcoming Miles Sampa and others atrhe  PF secretariat,” Pastor Chanda said.

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