Stop hanging with Dr Mumba, he is a bad influence

Nevers with HH after signing MoU

MMD Die Hard youth national coordinator Gerald Chiluba has accused former party president Nevers Mumba of misleading opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema into not conceding defeat.

Mr Chiluba says the sturborness of his former leader has rubbed off the UPND president who continues to refuse to concede defeat in the 2016 election despite the move being detrimental to his reorganisation of the party for the 2021 elections.
He said Mr Hichilema had not refused to concede defeat in the previous elections and now that he has surrounded himself with Dr Mumba he has gotten the bad influnece of trying to hang on to a lost cause.
“As MMD die hard youth wing we have noted with keen interest over the upcoming behaviour of not conceding defeat syndrome by HH to have been influenced by Dr Nevers Mumba. After analysing the behaviour and attitude of HH, of all the 5 times he has lost as president, it is evident that his unique character is as a result of his close interaction with Nevers Mumba.
“Just like they say “bad association spoils good habits” HH is a victim of bad association and the earlier he thought twice about his associates the better for him and his party.
“We say so because Dr Nevers has a destructive mind which if not curtailed can lead to the total destruction of the UPND. He has been misadvising the UPND to continue singing songs of the petition just like he has continued to claim the presidency of MMD when infact it is a public secret that Zambians cannot dance to such songs as they are not danceble,” he said.
He has since advised the UPND to distance itself from Dr Mumba.
It is in this regard that we wish to advise the UPND to distance itself from Dr Mumba if there to be seen relevant by Zambian people as everything which Dr Mumba touches eventually goes into extinction if he is not gotten rid of like Dr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and the MMD membership did to him.

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