By Chikumbi Katebe

THE murder suspect in the brutal murder of Mapalo Chanda, an employee in the Auditor General’s office has been sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour for escaping from lawful custody.

This comes after suspect, Talent Nchimunya Munkombwe, 22, while in lawful custody managed to elude an armed police officer and a correctional officer as he was being transported to court for mention.

Munkombwe was not handcuffed, and managed to escape from a moving police vehicle, in the presence of two security personnel. Munkombwe was re-arrested somewhere in Batoka following his escape from lawful custody in Kalomo on his way to court. The late Chanda, 26, met his fate when he travelled to Kalomo to on 2nd September 2017 at about 04:00 hours as he went to collect his money owed by Munkombwe. The brutal murder took place at Kanchele Village in Chief Sipatunyana area of Kalomo where the murder suspect allegedly hit Chanda in a violent attack with a shear from an ox plough, causing deep cuts on the hand and the head.

Chanda’s body was discovered dumped in a shallow well.

 Mukombwe however still remains with the charge of murder for the death of  Chanda, for which case was yet to be committed to the High Court for trial.

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