By Oliver Samboko.

A second Choma declaration to bring together all Political Parties to a round table to discuss National peace and harmony in the country is needed.

In a Statement issued to the Daily Nation yesterday, Chirundu MMD District Secretary Gift Chanda stated that the history of 1964 has repeated itself where African National Congress (ANC) President Hurry Mwaanga Nkumbula and his followers mainly from Southern Province  never recognised President Kenneth Kaunda who was backed by the Northerners, a situation which brought a lot of tension in the country. He said the same situation is now obtaining in the country.

“Today Zambians are witnessing the same political situation where the opposition UPND leader and his followers have refused to recognise the 2016  election victory for President Edgar Lungu despite being recognised by the international community and the African Union,” stated Chanda.

Chanda said a lot of wisdom is needed in order to bring harmony, peace and tranquillity in the nation for the benefit of everyone. He said President Edgar Lungu should call for a national indaba, where the church leaders, traditional leaders and Political party leaders, like what Former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda did in 1973 by calling for Choma declaration which ended Political violence between ANC and UNIP.

“There is need for second Choma declaration where UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will publicly acknowledge and recognise President Edgar Lungu as the President of the Republic of Zambia and this will be the starting point for  dialogue and reconciliation,”

Chanda said the two major Political parties  in the Country, the PF and UPND should be in forefront in calling and promoting dialogue and reconciliation.

“The two concerned main political parties in the country PF and UPND should show seriousness and take up some drastically steps towards dialogue and reconciliation and this is what the world wants to see happening because Zambia is known to be the beacon of peace in the African Continent and this is the desire of the Commonwealth Secretary who facilitated the release of Hakainde Hichilema from prison,” stated Chanda in a statement.

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